Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 6 Speed And Agility

Well folks, today was day 6 of Insanity the Asylum. I had speed and agility today. The past week of this program has left me so sore that I literally struggle to stand and to walk. That is no joke. And neither is this program. I hurt so bad when I started today that I fell out a few times just during the warm up.

Speed and agility consists of a ton of movement using an agility ladder and also uses the jump rope in the warm up. The agility ladder is used to help you with your coordination and is a lot of precise running and jumping. It takes a lot of concentration and can really wear on you. It's also used for progressive in and outs where you are in the plank position and progressively jump your feet into the first rung for twenty or so seconds and then the second for twenty or so seconds and then the third. Remember not to step on the ladder or you owe Shaun T some push ups.

Over all, this workout is awesome and will leave you dripping with sweat and knowing that you just did work. Tomorrow I have strength and I'm really looking forward to it. I am just hoping that this soreness goes away soon. I almost forgot what this feels like. It is just like the first week of P90X where I could hardly move. Please check back tomorrow and see what happened with strength training.