Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 8: Back To Core

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was Back to Core for me. Day 8 in the Asylum. As you can tell from the name and the video above, This is all back and core work. It starts out with a warm up that isn't too bad and then into the workout. I am really liking this workout even though there are some move I thought I would never be able to do because of a lower back fusion that I have.

In this workout I like the fact that you get to use some resistance bands and you can real feel the burn from them. There are no weights and really no fast movements at all but I will tell you that when you are done with this workout, you will be dripping with sweat and your core will be telling you that it just worked out. I actually lost a pound yesterday. I have been at a bit of a plateau lately and couldn't get past it. Finally I did.

One thing I want to say about losing weight and working out that I haven't said yet is, If you are doing a program and eating right, THROW AWAY THE SCALE! Or at least have someone hide it from you. It is an evil thing. With proper diet and doing these program such as P90X, Insanity and The Asylum, the quickest results you will see are the changes in your body. The way you look, feel and how your clothes fit. Take measurements. They won't lie to you like the scale can. Just a quick tip.

Tonight is a workout that I really don't look forward to. I have vertical plyometrics. It is by far the toughest workout I've done so far. Don't get me wrong, I love the results and how I feel when I'm done but it is brutal on the legs. I look forward to telling you how it went for me. I will see you then. Until then, have a great day and remember to make healthy choices and drink your water.